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February 25, 2004 by Weltregierung
February 24, 2004 by Weltregierung
As i happen to have woken up with a fat bronchitis
i thought it would be a good idea to pool the proven oldschool methods
for getting rid of it.

Thyme is #1.
Mint is #2
Eucalyptus#3 ( poisonous if too much ingested)
Onion broth.

..of course aspirin is added to any of the above.


( coughcough!!!!)
February 20, 2004 by Weltregierung
wish me luck.
Weltregierung hasn´t had sex in a while.

..and it is itching.
February 20, 2004 by Weltregierung
Just wondering.

Cause i am mailing with a girl who lives 60km from my city, and the communication is fun so far.
She´s way younger than me ( above 18 though ) ..and i find it damn interesting to talk to her.
Of course i am not looking for a relationsship, she would be way to young in the long term,
and there´s so much she needs to find out for herself. All i am basically looking for is some interesting talk
and some interesting, basically anonymous, S-E-X.

...we have talked about ...
February 20, 2004 by Weltregierung
...i really do. Even though i have slight headache right now, ...Beer will prevail.

It´s not like i love any beer, ..being born in a city which originally brewed around 50 brands i was educated
to have fine distinctions between the kinds of beers and the situations that are perfect for it.

okay to get this started i will make a POSITIVE LIST and a NEGATIVE LIST.


- Brinkhoff´s #1
- Licher Pilsener
- Radeberger Pilsener
- Grolsch
- Jever Pilsener
- Staropramen
- DAB...
February 17, 2004 by Weltregierung
being a regular user i started growing my own many years ago, and still do.

Compared to back in the days i do not smoke much anymore, for me it´s a self regulating process.

I simply enjoy MJ for a quick after-work relaxation, freeing the head from all those irrelevant things
that keep us busy during the day. I watch news and politics and i read when high, and i do not feel impaired
when i do so.

But maybe that is because i´ve developed taste and knowledge about the topic, and i know t...
February 10, 2004 by Weltregierung
It was a dark rainy Friday, in Hamburg Germany.

A 28 year old copywriter and his friend went on a lil Pub/bar/club sightseeing,
...they drank and cheered, and cheered and drank, ..and came to a rather nice place along the way.
The beer was expensive, but tasty, the music was popular, but danceable, and the crowd seemed a little stiff
but one noticed the aroma of sex in the air.

When the 4th Hefeweizen had run down his throat, he started to move his fairly good looking body.
And met the...
February 3, 2004 by Weltregierung
How many of you work in Ad-agencies?

How many of you experience waste of lifetime in everyday worklife as a result
of every individual pursuing their own career goals?

How much time do u see lost in people protecting their " gonna be aired in my backyard at 4.am.
award-winning ads"

How many really become CD´s?

How many get burned along the way?

How often does a customer change the agency in 10 years?

How many brands have been destroyed alongside people´s proffessional and pr...
February 3, 2004 by Weltregierung
So now we got it. A lil Flu, that probably has been around since the Dino-Age makes it onto the frontpage.

Did the sneezing Archaeopteryx anticipate all this? Did he know his Grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand
February 3, 2004 by Weltregierung
Hello, it´s me.

I live somewhere, and i have a computer.

I am of medium age, medium intellect, medium appearance, medium sanity.
and i like it.

and i just wanted to be part of this uncontrolled communication disaster
that is taking place in the virtual global village.

That´s it for now, more later on.
gotta get back to my medium job, now.